building your 'big day' brand

Like it or not, weddings are turning into events that crave a strong “brand”. It's no surprise that weddings are getting more and more intricate – with Pinterest, Joanna Gaines, and every insta-mom-blogger inspiring us on every social platform, it can be hard to wrap ours heads around the "how".


I tell business owners everyday to find their voice through digital marketing by building their online communities with consistent brand messaging. Applying those same principles to your wedding helps define the end aesthetic, and making the decor that much easier to define.



The foundation of your big day brand all starts with your hashtag. It seems silly, but having this specialized wedding hashtag helps you catalog all of your guests memories, and gives them something to feel a part of. You'll most likely need at least two (one for pre-marital partying, and one for the day-of). So, what makes a great hashtag?


Try and keep the total character count at twenty five or less. This will give guests ample room to caption their fun at your event. If one of your names is relatively long, consider creating a celebrity couple name for yourselves. Mash words together and create new ones in honor of your new partnership. 


You can easily achieve this through using alliteration, or playing off part of one of your names. #GowingToTheChapel #HappilyEverAshburn You get the idea. Don't worry about being too cutesy, just choose something memorable that nobody else has claimed online. (Easy, right?)


Don't you dare go and make up some hoity-toity hashtag that doesn't fit your personalities at all. Nobody like a fraud, and your guests will see right through it. I can't stress it enough that this is supposed to be FUN, so pull out the inside jokes nobody gets - it'll be a great addition to your already adorable love story.



Incorporating a sweetheart logo will take some weight off your shoulders as you can use this for almost anything – from printing it on your invitations, creating a projection, adding to your photo booth, to getting it engraved on something special for your partner. Having one cohesive symbol will really help tie it all together.


Defining the colors that will guide your big day planning is one of the hardest tasks when you have to consider the season, and even worse - what looks good on whom. Give yourself a range of colors to play with to give your big day planning a little more wiggle room.

When I take my clients through the journey of selecting their color scheme, I like to start with two colors, and build three secondary colors off those that will help support your color scheme. Take a look at a color wheel and get creative! This is your chance to bring both of your personalities through the materials your guests interact with at your event.



Before you know it, you've checked off three of the hardest tasks - your wedding day hashtag, your couple's logo, and your color scheme. From here, you can play with those "brand elements" to help steer your design choices from invitations to the floral arrangements to the table settings.

Feel a bit overwhelmed?


While there are many sites that offer templated services to create your materials, very few offer 100% custom design for your invitations, programs, menus, photo booth frames, snapchat filters, you name it! You deserve to have your vision designed beautifully for your wedding day, and you shouldn’t have to do it by yourself. I have assisted dozens of weddings, projects both small and large, to bring that added touch of personalization and elegance. The best part of receiving digital copies of your artwork is that you can choose the most competitive deal in your area to print them at a lower cost than most "all-inclusive" services provide. No templates. No promotional branding. Just your vision, designed beautifully. 


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